About Gail

Gail is a Registered Nurse,  International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Herbalist and Certified Infant Massage Instructor. Gail graduated from Northern Illinois University with her BSN and started her nursing career at Children's  Memorial Hospital  (now Luries) and then was a OB nurse at Evanston Hospital. After the birth of her children she realized postnatal care was lacking and breastfeeding help was virtually non-existent. In 1996 Gail became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and it became her dream to open a lactation center where families could  go before and after their baby is born for education, classes, products and to meet other parents. In 2009 she opened New Mother New Baby. This dream started in her home where she started a pump rental station and began seeing patients. In 2006, she moved her business to her husband's pharmacy, Dundee Pharmacy and opened a breastfeeding department that became quite well known. In 2009 she moved to her own location in Northbrook called New Mother New Baby.

In 2013 Gail became interested in studying herbal medicine due to all the questions she received about herbs to increase milk supply. She has studied for the past 11 years with world reknowned physician and herbalist Dr. Tieraona Low Dog. Gail completed the Foundations in Herbal Medicine coursework and received her certificate of completion. Each summer, Gail travels to Santa Fe, NM to learn from Dr. Low Dog and has a passion for working with all different types of patients, especially women and children and helping treat them in a more holistic way with herbs, lifestyle, nutrition, bodywork and other alternative modalities. 

Gail has worked with many corporations setting up corporate lactation programs with the like of Grainger, Walgreens, and Quaker Oats and Comsych Employee Assistance Programs to name a few. 

In 2018, Gail began working with Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital where she manages the inpatient Lactation Program, does education for the nurses and physicians and supports the staff regarding lactation protocols. 

In her spare time, Gail loves spend time with her husband Neil, her 3 adult children and her 4 grandchildren.  Gail also loves to travel, read, make herbal medicine, binge Netflix, and is trying to learn to play golf and pickleball.